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Many people want to find a club that best suit their physical needs as well as offers unlimited pleasure and is a class apart. It is a dream for many to be able to afford a membership at one of the most exclusive and elite health club, better known as the LA fitness club. It is not only popular and rated as the best in the US but is considered the same all around the world. If you are one of the dreamers of this health and fitness club and are doing your share of research to get a membership at this club this article is the one for you. In this article you will find everything that you need to know to become a member of this amazing club and enjoy the better quality of life.

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LA fitness club membership

It won’t be unusual if you have always wanted to find a club that will offer you quality physical and health benefits but will also give you a chance to socialize and feel as a part of the elite world. The LA fitness club is completely exclusive and exactly what you have been looking for. However in order to be able to enjoy its services it is important to first become a member of the club. Membership of the club is only available after going through a small process whereas the prices are very affordable.

Membership rules

The membership rules and regulations have only been made to ensure that the standards of the club are maintained. The basic prices of the membership are not very high. In fact the monthly membership fee is a lot less than what an average person would expect it to be. The monthly fees sit at a modest 30 to 40 US dollars. Other rules for membership include

  • The club has a policy and system to only accept payment through wire transfer or debit/credit cards. Though there have been repeated requests made over the years to the club to change this policy for the convenience of the members. However no changes have been seen till present date in the club’s policy.
  • Timely payment every month is crucial.
  • In case of the member not using services and not paying for them either for more than two months the club has the right to cancel the membership without prior notice. This is because the club is very particular about maintaining its high standards with only allowing the most committed people inside the circle.


Details of membership

All further details about the membership procedure, policies, locations and variation in prices are available at the official website of the club. It is highly recommended to get information about the detailed rates of the club in addition to the basic monthly charges. The rates will definitely go up the scale as you choose to avail a variety of the club’s services. However in basic monthly charges members will be able to access the gym, swimming pool, locker room, daycare and cafeteria.


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