General information worth knowing about the LA fitness club

LA fitness club is a very widespread functional health and sports club that is centrally based in the heart of California. The club has its branches spread all around the country on more than a hundred locations including major cities such as the city of Texas and Arizona.

LA fitness club


About the LA fitness club

It is not uncommon for people to find club info especially if a health club is as vast as LA fitness.The club has been set and operating for the past many years now and currently entertains over hundreds of active club members. Although the center has many branches and all centers are quite well sized but the biggest center is located in Dallas. It covers a land area of more than 45 thousand square feet. The success of this health club and its sub-branches in the past few years is phenomenal. The club now plans on further expansion in the near future with establishing new centers in the modern metropolitan cities of United States. A budget of more than 10 million US dollars has been spared for the future developments and expansion of the club across the country.

Services offered at LA fitness

The most common reason behind find a club info is to look for the services the center has to offer before one decides to avail its membership plan. All the range of services offered at the world famous LA club for fitness and health are exceptional. These services are enough to make this health care facility rank as world’s’ leading. However to avail any one of the following services it is important to have access to the club through membership. These serviced include

  • Cross fit and aerobics extensive training sessions for beginners and advanced members
  • Courts of basketball, netball, tennis and squash to entertain professional athletes
  • Up-to-date facilities of swimming pools, saunas, and spas
  • Weight loss training and gym session under supervision of professional gym trainers
  • Wide range of indoor activities including kickboxing, karate classes, table tennis, yoga, aerobics and pilates sessions
  • Weekly, monthly and seasonal tournaments to encourage advanced players and professionals
  • In-house day cares facilities for young mothers
  • Seasonal training in-house camps for professional athletes under the supervision of high trained professional experts

LA Fitness zone in the UK

Much to the confusion and mixed response of people the LA center for fitness and health is operating under the same name in the UK. This health and sports club in the United Kingdom is also regarded as being the top notch and most exclusive health club in the country. Initially, this club was seen as an expansion of the original LA club based in the United States. People living abroad were ecstatic. However, disappointment of the British locals this club was not an international franchise of the US-based LA club for fitness. Though the set up was quite similar and it was easy to see the inspiration but other than that there was no similarity between the two clubs.


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